The terrain varies but is generally located along (or near) Honey Creek, a naturally flowing stream that drains into the Llano River. During your stay, you are welcome to hike and explore the area. The terrain varies from fairly smooth to rough hill country. (Click here for more information)

For birdwatchers, there are abundant native species of birds, including the occasional Mexican eagle, Red Tail hawks, Great Horned and Hoot owls, and many, many others.

WILDFLOWERS In the spring, when the wildflowers are in full bloom, our fields become seas of color. It’s the perfect setting for a birthday—or proposal!—picnic. Or, you could simply spend a relaxing afternoon alone with a book.

As you explore the area, you may be fortunate enough to find Topaz, the official stone of Texas. The now famous “Texas Star Topaz” design features topaz found only in this area of Texas. (Click here for more information)

Bar M Ranch also offers some of the best rock hunting in the area, with stones such as granite, flint, limestone, and quartz.

In addition, the Bar M Ranch area was a favorite for Native Americans—artifacts and stone implements are still being found on the property.

For photographers, the supply of natural scenic beauty is limited only by your imagination. From wildlife to plants to scenery, the opportunities are endless.

On clear nights, away from the campfire, the stargazing is unbelievable—without light pollution from the city, the night sky is a mesmerizing wonder.

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