Topaz Hunting

At Bar M Ranch, guests are invited to search Honey Creek and its tributaries for topaz. Blue Topaz is the state gem of Texas—naturally occurring topaz of this variety is quite rare. Mason County, located in the heart of Texas, is the best place in the state for hunters to find the colorless and light blue varieties. As there is no commercial mining of topaz in our area, Bar M Ranch offers everyone the opportunity to search for (and keep, of course!) the gem.

For 2020 we offer Topaz hunting from February 8–September 27.  We are generally  open from 8:30 AM to dark and check-in is conducted between 8:30 & 11:00 AM.  Your adventure will be a self-guided event and RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED.

Available for individual or group hunting | $15 per person/day |

Equipment (1/4″ screens, small shovels) rental available | $6 per combination per day |

contact information

After you find your gems, you might be interested in having them cut and set. Gems of the Hill Country, founded by talented local jeweler B. Diane Eames, is the place to go. For more information, feel free to visit her website,, or email gemologist (at) texas-topaz (dot) com

If you’d like to live in this topaz environment, you might find Joyce Arnold at to be helpful.